Portraits of the Abandoned United States

November 9th - January 19, 2020

Local artist and photographer Steven Bley, showcases his collection of photographs documenting the world that was left behind by society

Faces of Africa

November 9th - January 19, 2020

Artist Deo Lutwama reveals the ever-fading traditions of cultures as he strives to represent Africa through his love of painting as storytelling

The Iron Hand in the Silk Glove:

The Rise and Demise of Industry in Paterson, NJ

Allied Textile Printing Site

November 9th - January 19, 2020

Artist and industrial archaeologist Gianfranco Archimede showcases his collection of large format, hand-printed, silver
photographs of the Allied Textile Printing Site in Paterson, NJ 



August 25 - October 13, 2019

Artist Stoian Valkov showcases his collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings, inspired by the life of Roma people.



May 28 - July 28, 2019

A curated show of works of Elaine Lorenz and Howard Nathensen. Explore organic abstractions of natural forms and use of textures, shapes, geometry and repetition often found in nature; combined in different ways.



May 28 - July 21, 2019

The Passaic County Arts Center inaugural show seeks to engage the audience in a creative examination of perspective and interpretation. This exhibition showcases a variety of mediums such as sculpture, drawing, painting, and photography; allowing for an exploration of the artists’ understanding of what portraiture means to them.

Featured Artists Include: Andrea Coloma, Bleriot Thompson, David Fitzgerald, David D’Ostilio, Diane Car-bone, Donna Bassin, Eileen Burgess, Jie Li, Juan Ramiro Torres, Maryann Ficker, Niyani Simone, Poramit Thantapalit, Tina Ishihara, and Wil Swink

The George Way Collection

February 8 thru April 5, 2020

George Way was a self-taught and skilled antiques expert whose vast collection is adorned with ornate English and Dutch art and furniture, dating to the 1600s. Passaic County is working with the executors of the Way Estate on the acquisition of a portion of this collection and in honor of his legacy, select pieces will be on view until the entirety of the acquisition is divided among the County's other historic and cultural institutions.

Contemporary Connections to the Past

February 8 thru April 5, 2020

Curated by Jessica M. Bush, “Connections to the Past” will consist of modern approaches to historic art forms. Forms of artistic compositions will include but are not limited to fiber arts, sculptures, paintings, photographs and drawings. The exhibition seeks to showcase contemporary works that have been inspired by our collective past.

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