Sense and Sustainability

Showing until May 9, 2021

This solo exhibition created by Poramit Thantapalit is a collection of work created from 2012-2020. Poramit uses various techniques to create three dimensional pieces made from recycled materials including plastic, paper, fabric, reclaimed wood, and other found objects. This exhibition will display two- and three-dimensional works that will provide the viewer different perspectives and awareness on helping make our environment cleaner and slow global warming and climate change.




A native of Thailand, Poramit Thantapalit graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He worked as a video producer and in television for three years before he decided to continue studies in US. He received his master's degree in computer graphics from NYIT. He has over 15 years’ experience as a graphic designer, artist, and photographer with global marketing organizations. He is now mixed media artist using recycled materials to create two- and three-dimensional artwork and installation. Beside his working as artist, he has also worked as freelance graphic designer in both print and digital media. He received awards such as "The Most Innovative Used of Material" from Recycle Juried Show at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in 2016 and 1st place winner in mixed media category at Bergen County Art in the Park in 2016. His work has been exhibited in US, Sweden, Spain, Estonia, Russia, China, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, and Thailand.


I have worked with recycled materials for over seven years. My work represents my life as an artist and people that try to support an eco-friendly lifestyle. I would like the viewer to support and realize the perils of our environment. I think my work will make people look at this issue carefully and act accordingly in their day to day life. I think art is a good and simple way to bring people to realize and help protect our environment. My current works are recycled artwork using household found objects such as plastic bags, bottles labels, plastic bottles, and discarded clothing. My concept is to create two- and three-dimensional sculpture as collage puzzles. They can be interlocked and connected to form the entire sculpture or installation. I am also focusing on cyanotype photogram. I will print photogram images from my recycled artwork during the production progress. The cyanotype photogram represents an archive footprint or photocopy of the artwork. I often combine both mediums into one installation or create a new artwork by integrating them with other mediums.

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