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Hinchliffe Stadium & Its Legacy

September 26 - December 5, 2020

In celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the founding of the Negro Leagues, the Passaic County Arts Center at the John W. Rea House reopens to the public with a collection of historic memorabilia and artworks inspired by the historic Paterson arena.


Shades of Greatness

September 26 - December 5, 2020

The critically acclaimed exhibition features 35 original works of art produced by 28 diverse professional artists from across the country that interpret the Negro Leagues experience on-and-off the playing field.

The George Way Collection

February 8 - April 5, 2020

George Way was a self-taught and skilled antiques expert whose vast collection is adorned with ornate English and Dutch art and furniture, dating to the 1600s. Passaic County is working with the executors of the Way Estate on the acquisition of a portion of this collection and in honor of his legacy, select pieces will be on view until the entirety of the acquisition is divided among the County's other historic and cultural institutions.

Contemporary Connections to the Past

February 8 - April 5, 2020

Curated by Jessica M. Bush, “Connections to the Past” will consist of modern approaches to historic art forms. Forms of artistic compositions will include but are not limited to fiber arts, sculptures, paintings, photographs and drawings. The exhibition seeks to showcase contemporary works that have been inspired by our collective past.

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