Sense and Sustainability 

February 20 thru May 30, 2021

This solo exhibition created by Poramit Thantapalit is a collection of work created from 2012-2020. Poramit uses various techniques to create three dimensional pieces made from recycled materials including plastic, paper, fabric, reclaimed wood, and other found objects. This exhibition will display two- and three-dimensional works that will provide the viewer different perspectives and awareness on helping make our environment cleaner and slow global warming and climate change.

5a.Sinocchi,'Serpenti' detail, 72dpi..jp

The Infinite Arch and Line

February 20 thru May 30, 2021

New Jersey artist, Anna Carina Sinocchi, focuses on the classical shape of the arch and the formal element of the line. Sinocchi has a creative process of complex layering using various media. Her work inspires and transforms the unknown into something original, mysterious, and grand.

Full Moon Series

February 20 thru May 30, 2021

Paintings by local artist, Joseph Coco