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Sense and Sustainability 

February 20 thru May 30, 2021

This solo exhibition created by Poramit Thantapalit is a collection of work created from 2012-2020. Poramit uses various techniques to create three dimensional pieces made from recycled materials including plastic, paper, fabric, reclaimed wood, and other found objects. This exhibition will display two- and three-dimensional works that will provide the viewer different perspectives and awareness on helping make our environment cleaner and slow global warming and climate change.

5a.Sinocchi,'Serpenti' detail,

The Infinite Arch and Line

February 20 thru May 30, 2021

New Jersey artist, Anna Carina Sinocchi, focuses on the classical shape of the arch and the formal element of the line. Sinocchi has a creative process of complex layering using various media. Her work inspires and transforms the unknown into something original, mysterious, and grand.

Full Moon Series

February 20 thru May 30, 2021

Paintings by local artist, Joseph Coco

CCalandra Poppies.jpg

Watercolors by Christine Calandra

June 19th thru September 5th, 2021

Christine Calandra studied with many watercolor masters while raising a family. She is a self-taught artist. Traveling has enhanced her vision as an artist, however, her love of New Jersey and the beauty that surrounds us has been reflected in many of her paintings. Christine has been teaching watercolor painting for over 35 years and started Local Color Watercolor Workshop in 1990. Through these workshops, she opened the door for many budding artists and led them on their own creative journey. 

Honey Hollow Low Rez 3.JPG

Journeys by Michael Gabriele

June 19th thru September 5th, 2021

New Jersey artist, Michael Gabriele,  aims to capture a moment. Inspired by landscape and still life, Gabriele introduces a series of his work from 2018 in this exhibition.


Wellspring of Creativity

June 19th thru September 5th, 2021

The poet William Carlos Williams opened his 1949 poem with the words “Goffle brook of a May day blossoms in the manner of antiquity.” For nearly a century, artists have been inspired by the natural beauty and evocative landscapes of Goffle Brook Park.  The exhibition will feature local artists whose artistic expressions depict the park in various stages of development and/or locations along its roughly 103 acres.

Showcard, Juan Ramiro, Final.png

Common Humanity by Juan Ramiro Torres

October 2  thru January 23, 2022

Juan Ramiro Torres was born in Lima, Peru and has lived in the United States since 1984. His painting reflects feelings that reveal his origins, not only as a Hispanic-American, but also as a human being. He frequently takes traditional and current elements and translates them into an abstract environment to create a unique world.

Showcard, Jesse Wright, Final.png

Versus, Over the Waves by Jesse Wright

October 2  thru January 23, 2022

Jesse Wright is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. In this exhibition the artist's books made of reclaimed materials, some of which are homemade, and interwoven with poetry, are placed alongside large scale paintings to communicate musings often centering on the theme of moving from descent to ascension and reflections on scripture. Others were inspired by work in global humanitarian projects as well as everyday events observed locally.

Showcard, Michael Murphy, Final.png

Absurdities, Contrasts, Conflicts, and Contradictions by Michael Murphy

October 2 thru January 23, 2022

Local artist Michael Murphy uses the imagery of contrasts, contradictions, paradoxes, and ambiguities to create his pieces. His work consists of slabs of wood with both gestural, heavily applied paint as well as that which is hard edged and precisely executed. Occasionally, social or political ideas come into the forefront of the paintings.

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