Autumn Morning.png

Visual Journaling

Audrey Yee Fink

Ms. Fink finds inspiration for her oil paintings both close to home and in her travels. With her French easel, she paints en plein air using a prismatic palette. It is her journey to see more by observing closely while painting from life.

High Mountain.png

Sonic Peaks

Payton MacDonald

Over the next few years, MacDonald plans to summit the 146 highest mountains in the Northeastern part of the United States. His objective is to create graphic scores that reflect the feelings and experiences he has on a given peak or collection of peaks.

This idea makes up his latest exhibit, "Sonic Peaks."

UNTITLED concrete sculpture 30 cm x 32 cm 2020.jpeg


Mario Loprete

Mario Loprete is a painter and sculptor residing and working in Catanzaro, Italy. A graduate of the Accademia of Belle Arti, Loprete has found his artistic voice through the mediums of painting and sculpture. Through research and experimentation, his choice of medium to work with has become: Concrete.

Ed Whitmore3_Tree of Life_2018_metal effects_36 x 24.jpg

A Convocation of Color

Ed Whitmore

Ed Whitmore creates patina works that evoke the passage of time and suggest ideas of loss and decay. He utilizes metal effects paints that oxidize, creating subtle shades of brown, green and blue.