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Touch of Style

Showing until April 10, 2022

Lisa and Nancy Quatrocchi showcase their oil on canvas works in this mother-daughter exhibition. Made apparent in these works is the influence nature has on them.


In preparation to create, Nancy reads landscape and nature books as a source of inspiration. For Lisa, the shapes, forms, and lines found in the natural world inspires her.

Stoney Creek 9x12 Oil LQuatrocchi 2020
Red Mill 20x20 Oil NQuatrocchi 2021



Lisa Quatrocchi

Lisa Quatrocchi is a Clifton, NJ resident and member of the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society.


Formally trained at the Ridgewood Art Institute, Lisa has been teaching oil painting since 2015. Her paintings have also been accepted into Regional Juried Art Shows in her home state. 


An avid painter and traveler, Lisa has also become involved in photography and started writing about her travels.

Nancy Quatrocchi

Nancy Quatrocchi was born and raised in NJ. With her daughter, Lisa, they both decided to pursue their passion of art and enrolled in classes at the Ridgewood Art Institute. Working primarily in oil, Nancy also creates works of landscapes, still-lives, and portraits. 

She is also a member of the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society. 

Photo by Lyn Morton Photography


"Inspired by Nature I try to capture the beauty that I see on canvas. Whether it is a landscape or floral I want to depict the scenery that is around me.  The shapes, lines and forms are what inspires me to create.

I take into account the northern light, the time of day and the weather. Each day is different and the effect of how the light and shadows are portrayed is reflected in my paintings.   Using different background colors, color choices and canvases, each painting has a different outcome because everyday is different. 


My concept and vision is for the viewers  to absorb their surroundings, open their eyes to beauty that they may have overlooked and to make a connection." 

- Lisa Quatrocchi

"Nature itself creates simple forms, patterns, rhythms and waves that evokes a spark of creativity that I express on canvas. This effect takes a hold on me in everyday life. As I mix my paints I can see the changes of nature taking its course. My inspiration comes from a simple walk in the park. I am influenced by how the light and shadow dances on the leaves, branches and water.

Before I begin a painting, I do my prep work. I read landscape and nature books. I carry this process through in everything I do. For instance, when I cook. I read cook books. As with every cook book  different recipes emerge. I use this technique with painting. I  choose different size canvases and colors using oils. It makes me feel as though I am mixing ingredients for a cake or preparing a meal. A little of this and a lot of that. It's the same as when I choose different types of brushes and the effect each brushstroke makes.

What I want from the audience when they view my work is simple, I want people to feel as though they are on a journey.

My concept and vision is for the viewer to finish his/her journey with the effects  each painting brings to them. It may evoke a  feeling of calmness, loneliness, storminess and finally contentment. These feelings  may occur during our daily lives and we sometimes  take it with us to a  place we call home."

- Nancy Quatrocchi






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